Here at CleverInk, we help organisations establish and then magnify their brand identity. Finding the right 'voice' is an essential step in expanding the awareness of a brand.

Whether starting from a simple seed of an idea or a fully formed vision, we create branding solutions that can help you forge a new path in your industry or compliment and build on your existing brand principles.

Our approach to branding always starts the same way, research, we get to know everything about what makes your business tick. The goals, the products, the USPs, the methods behind your organisation and - of course - your audience/customers. From this we can develop a cohesive, coherent and compelling branding concept. We look at the current positioning of your organisation and where you want to be; analysing your competitors and peers, looking to best place your brand for the best results. This means by the time we fire up the iMac we already have a pretty good idea of what you're looking for, both aspirationally and aesthetically.

Once your assets have been designed and approved, we deliver full branding guidelines to assist in the production of any future marketing material. It's often at this point that many of our clients realise that branding is "not just a logo"! Branding is the interaction and relationship you have with your audience. Like with any relationship, maintenance is key. We arm you with the tools you'll need to manage your brand identity for all future campaigns with your guideline document.

"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression"

Many of the companies that approach us for branding services are at different stages in their business. This is why we offer 3 plans to cater for all our clients needs.

Kick Start

Looking for an identity?

Ideally suited for up-start's and businesses in their infancy who are looking to make their mark and stand out from the crowd.

Tune Up

Is your brand all over the place?

Brand Alignment. Creating synergy between all your companies marketing material will help provide clarity to your brand message. Creating synergy between your company's core and its external brand promise and positioning is critical in the wake of consumers demanding authenticity and transparency.

Creating synergy between your company’s core (what it stands for and how it behaves) and its external brand promise and positioning is critical in the wake of consumers demanding authenticity and transparency from those they choose to do business with. - See more at:


Fed up of your out of date branding?

Is your tired, dated brand losing you new business opportunities? The Overhaul package combats your now redundant identity and gives it a fresh face that will stand the test of time in a capricious climate.

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