Creating a unified Brand

Marketers need to stand out to the consumer. As a consumer there several options they can choose, all advertising the same product, the same way, for similar prices. All companies are in the same boat. What makes some stand out from the rest? A good, consistent unified brand.

The key to becoming a successful leader is to create a successful marketing campaign. In order to develop a marketing campaign and make this successful there needs to be a consistent brand identity. Brand identity is the voice of the company and needs to be consistent throughout all of the platforms. The concept of a unified brand is to put the same message across to the consumer through all of the company's platforms, products and services. Each company should carry the same message and tone through the different services and this is what should make them stand out from the rest.

Social Media Platforms

With social media as predominant as it is, it is even more important to maintain a unified brand. Maintaining a unified brand gives the company credibility and becomes trustworthy. It is essential to maintain the same tone of voice on all social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This builds a relationship between the consumer and the company, making it more personable. If the brand presence is kept the same, it is likely that the consumer will trust the brand and be a returning customer; 70% of young adults are loyal to the brands that they like.

Unifying and maintaining brands

Due to social media and products being available on multiple services, brands need to stay unified and ensure that they are keeping a constant image. In order to create a unified brand, control need to be taken of font, colour scheme, logos, and slogans. The font spacing, size, line height, colour and body font all need to be determined so that it is kept constant. This ensures that through all of the different platforms the brand is regular.

As well as font, the colour scheme is a main part of the brand. This features along all of the social platforms and other services and products as well as on the logo- another main factor. A specific colour pallette should be kept to to maintain the unified brand through all of the products. The colours will then be associated with the brand.

The next part of creating and maintain a unified brand is a logo.This has to be catchy and memorable as the slogan will be be associated with the company. All of these have to feature online and offline as it is representative of the product and therefore the company. All of these go hand in hand to create the unified brand.

Keeping the voice

Whether it is on social media platforms or on other services it is important to keep a maintain a consistent voice. If the company has a constant voice that becomes trustworthy to people then you will gain credibility. It is important to keep the same person writing the content, or to have an understanding as a company on the tone of voice as it needs to be genuine. A copy writing guide can be helpful as it sets up exactly what you are looking for; for example do you want to address your self as your companies name our in singular plural pronoun 'we'. This will ensure that it is constantly the same throughout.

In order to achieve and maintain a unified brand it is important to retain the colour scheme, logo, voice, slogan and font. These will only work if they are all continued. The importance of a unified brand is to create a following for the company and then build upon that following with good reviews. A good, credible company with a strong unified brand leads to good results.


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