Trend Alert : Atmospheric Video

A picture represents memories, a moment in time that was intended to be remembered. A picture can take somebody to a place in the past, evoking emotions, and reliving the memory. Recently, more websites have featured video content and images. A website is an interactive, visual platform for people to engage with. An image is processed immediately, therefore effective straightaway. As video content and images are powerful instantly, they can be more powerful than a paragraph text:


'40% of people will respond to better to visual information than plain text.'



For a web designer it is key to cater to the whole audience and this includes the 65% of the population that are visual learners (William C. Bradford). A visual learner will prefer to connect with information shown through diagrams and pictures. Visual learners are then able to take on the information in the way they are best comfortable with. Web designers have sourced this and featured more image and video content on their sites. As well as appealing to different learning types, there are many reasons why it is important to includes image and video content.

As well as appealing to different set of learners, imagery and video content can also help to break up the website. A website that has paragraphs of writing can go unread, therefore be wasted. If there is a good ratio of writing to images or video, it helps to break up the writing. This will encourage visitors to keep scrolling through the website. The longer people are scrolling through the website the more they are reading and engaging in content.

A website that is heavy on imagery and video content is E-Commerce websites. E-Commerce websites are visual websites that have online catalogues. All of these websites are selling a lifestyle, a product, a place or a thing. They all set out to sell more than the product is intended in the beginning. If the initial product they are selling is a four seater sofa, it will be photographed in a homely, front room with a happy family, with added items available to buy; selling this perfect lifestyle. This gives impression that as a customer if you are to buy the sofa and the rest of the items, you get the happiness of the family in the front room. When visiting this website, you are automatically positioned in the place of the family, imagining your life as theirs.


An example of an E- Commerce website is Airbnb. They are a company that have adopted the idea of using video content and imagery is to evoke a feeling within the audience. Airbnb is an online holiday rental for unique accommodation around the world. Airbnb uses imagery in order to sell the places that are possible to visit making them desirable. The video content is people who are enjoying their holiday, without knowing the camera is there, suggesting it is legitimate. This excites the audience and spurs them on to book the holiday, with the images of the places this entices them to book even more. Like the saying goes 'a picture can say a thousand words' and by featuring a picture on a website the thought of being in the frame becomes imaginable. They are different short clips; of a family, of a group of friends and of a couple. This ensures the site appeals to a wider audience of people looking to go on holiday here.


Images are an important aspect of a website, however, the more important aspect is to get a good quality photograph. It is clear before anybody reads anything, the images are the first thing that anybody will see. If there are images on the website that are poor quality people will assume the content is poor. However, if the photography is good and there is evidence of time and effort going into it, people will notice this and assume the site is credible and carry on reading the content.

There are many reasons why images and video content are important for a website, if they are good quality. They can strengthen the websites and keep people scrolling through for longer, ensuring that none of the content is wasted. As stated, an image or video can attract attention immediately and evoke a response almost immediately in a different way than a piece of text.

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