Biggest Marketing Trends in 2014

There are few industries that change as rapidly as online marketing. What works one week can be redundant by the next. Those who are involved in internet marketing, and particularly SEO will know this better than anyone. With all the algorithm changes Google has made in the last few years, staying up to date with the latest marketing techniques is an absolute must.

Below are some of the biggest marketing trends of 2014 that look set to continue for the foreseeable future :-


The Rise of Content Marketing


Content marketing is bigger than ever at the moment. If you read any of the biggest marketing blogs then the primary focus is on content marketing. This makes sense. Creating high quality and valuable content is one of the best ways for a company to establish trust with its audience and keep them engaged.

It's no surprise that content marketing has become as big as it has in the last few years. At one time companies were able to rely on link building to help them boost their site in Google but this is no longer the case. The only truly reliable way to build an audience is by providing content of the highest quality. Guest blogging in particular, is something that's proven to be extremely effective for building an audience for online marketers.


Visual Media Rules


It's no surprise that YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. People love visual media. Just look at how Instagram and Pinterest have exploded in popularity in the last couple of years. Social media overall has become much more visual in the last few years with even Twitter now going down a more visual route – with pictures and videos being automatically embedded into tweets.

The increase in popularity isn't just limited to social media though. If you look at some of the most successful blog posts then you'll notice that most of them contain pictures to help break up the text and emphasise important points. The popularity of infographics is further proof of how visual media has gained popularity in the last few years.


Social Signals More Important Than Ever


One of the primary concerns of any site owner is how much traffic they're getting from search engines. Whilst at one time it seemed everyone was putting their efforts into link building and other old hat SEO methods, now the focus is on social signals.

Because social signals now play a big part in how well your site ranks, many people are trying to simply buy their way to success by purchasing social signals from the top social media sites. This is a very ill-advised strategy and will almost certainly lead to your site being penalised. The best way to take advantage of the importance that Google now places on social signals is to create truly compelling content that people actually want to share.


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