Google Adwords, PPC, SEM, SEO. All sounds very technical doesn't it? Lets cut the jargon!

Pay per click is a great way to generate new business fast! Although the set up is complex once it's ready you can pick exactly what ads you want to display and fill your diary up with exactly the work your business wants week to week.

There is an obvious difference between PPC (pay per click) marketing and SEO, in short you pay for your potion with PPC. PPC ads usually display in a coloured box in search results. With PPC campaigns you buy traffic based on relevant keywords purchased in an auction model. Some search engines like Ask Jeeves and AOL it's not always immediately obvious which are PPC ads and regular search results.

PPC is risk free other than the money you pay for the ads themselves. The cost is based on the amount of times any one ad is clicked on. This means unlike some SEO tactics have no fear of your site being banned from a search engine for PPC campaigns

The recurring cost for PPC marketing can mount up as you pay for every click through. It stands to reason that your competitors may click on your ads to cost you money however by using a good SEM company like ours we will monitor this behaviour and can even get IPs banned from your campaigns altogether. It's crucial to track your ads and use accurate reporting to make sure this isn't happening.

As PPC is up and running as soon as you've created the ad it can be a great way to test a keyword for it's true value. You can run the ad for a defined period and track leads and sales to accurately assess the profitability of the search before you initiate protracted and sometimes costly SEO work.

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